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How balanced are YOU (spiritually + intellectually + socially + physically)? Find out NOW.

Balpil Test

(Spiritual + Intellectual +Social +Physical)

General Instructions

  • Please make sure you take the Balpil Test™ through reliable internet connection.
  • The page will appear the best at screen resolution 1024 x 768 pxl or higher.
  • Please set aside approximately 45 minutes for the 4-part Questionnaires = Spiritual + Intellectual + Social + Physical. Please answer the questions/statements in accordance to your current condition (i.e. not an imaginary version of where you are right now).
  • Please read and follow the instructions before you take the test. Pay attention to the scales (degrees) that are used for each question before you answer (each one).
  • You may use pencil and paper for notes/calculations (optional).
  • For Intellectual Side Part 1 to 3 each of the questions has their own time limit. Therefore, you should plan your time accordingly.
  • For Spiritual Side, Social Side, Physical Side, and Goal Setting, does not have a strict time limit, but you are still required to work in a spontaneous manner, to allow finishing the test in a timely manner.